Develop the Mind of the Child to think

Analytical brains is a unique institution that offers kids the opportunity to develop Their Cognitive As well as intellectual skills sy teaching them all about mental maths and analytical reasoning.

Our Approach

Analytical brains is a unique institution that offers Teachers the opportunity to develop cognitive as well as intellectual skills of Kids by teaching them all about Vedic Math, Mental Math and Analytical Skills. Mathematical skills are incredibly important in the lives of students as well as adults, without even realizing we end up using different mathematical concepts along with the skills that only mathematics can teach us.

Our Approach

At our Associate institutes, kids find mathematics easy and interesting as we teach maths with the help of vedic math techniques, mental maths techniques, and math games. We make it our motto to help every child with different understanding abilities to shine. Our key to success is we approach the young minds by following a completely different academic concept. Scientific research proves kids learn better when engaged in puzzles, and other forms of interactive math games. At analytical brains, we set the stage for success. In here, kids are nurtured and taught at their own pace unlike that in schools. A diverse and wide variety of intriguing questions based on mental maths, and analytical reasoning are handed out to kids. This keeps every practice session interesting and different from the last.


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